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Aventek Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd. is one of the member of Pakistan pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association. We are specialized in production of pharmaceutical Cephalosporin’s products, General Products like Floroquinolones,Anti diabetics,Anti plasmin agent, Oral Rehydration salts, Anti Ulcerative etc and we have a profound influence on the domestic pharmaceutical industry. We have strong technical power and equipment. We absorb the technical essence from abroad constantly, with the help of corporation of researching institute, and above all, specialists from pharmaceutical industry, our company offers the new generation pharmaceutical products, which fully comply with GMP requirement. The product quantity and sales are among the best in domestic market. Aventek pharmaceuticals pvt ltd is looking forward to cooperate with you in the near future.

Customer Support

Out state-of-the-art online token issuance based Help desk system is on the access 24/7 to our customer, our dedicate team of support and service are directly updated by the software keep them at client service always. We strive to provide our customers with good quality products, at a low price, with an emphasis on attention to detail.

We pride ourselves on having a zero-tolerance policy on mistakes; if a product looks bad we'll throw it out and prepare a new one. We will never send sub-par products to a customer. We always try to ensure the customer receives the items they really want; if we have questions or concerns about your order we will always contact you first to confirm your choices.

❊ Information Corner: Need to Place an Order?
❊ To place an order, you can use the Chat link below or email use: info@aventekpharmaceuticals.com
❊ We are here to accept your phone orders from 9am - 5pm PST.
❊ Of course, our online Sales is open 24/7