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Welcome to Wonderful world of Aventek

That is a world of happiness, a world of freedom & a world of celebration. Let’s celebrate this beautiful life with a touch of caring, a touch of sharing & with plenty of love. Let’s make a world full of joy, where you find freedom of thought & space to grow for everybody. At Aventek we believe that life is celebration, a magical voyage, a grand symphony, dedicated to the happiness that lies in the core of every deal. Aventek’s commitment to this great delight is reflected in its vision for a better world by providing mankind at large with the latest research products that add a cheer to life. It is this com- -moment that makes us strive to enrich the quality of life across the world. Enhance growth & recharge with healing touch that spread that spread joy.

Aventek Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd. is one of the member of Pakistan pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association. We are specialized in production of pharmaceutical Cephalosporin’s products and we have a profound influence on the domestic pharmaceutical industry. We have strong technical power and equipment. We absorb the technical essence from abroad constantly, with the help of corporation of researching institute, and above all, specialists from pharmaceutical industry, our company offers the new generation pharmaceutical products, which fully comply with GMP requirement. The product quantity and sales are among the best in domestic market.

Our Strength

We Strive To Serve To Your Satisfaction Because We Believe there should not be any compromise on quality of product as well as service. Professional competence is our strength and our edge is the immense confidence on our principals and their products.